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Watch our selection of Kentucky cabin rentals grow every month. Comparing popular Kentucky vacation rentals is easy and fun. But don’t overlook the other 1,264 towns in Kentucky; some of the best cabin time memories for couples, groups of friends, and family reunions are found off-the-beaten-path. July through October are popular months to rent cabins in Kentucky (that's your hint to inquire in advance), but don’t let the cooler months keep you inside. Most of the Kentucky cabin rentals listed are renter-ready year round.

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Besides producing the quintessential American spirit bourbon/whiskey, there are lots of things that make Kentucky a "destination." When you do come, plan on touring the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and trying some Kentuckian favorites like The Arnold Palmer drink made with half sweet tea and half lemonade over ice and Burgoo stew. To blend in like a local, pack some Camo clothes! Hunting for deer, turkey and bears is huge here - even if you've never hunted a day in your live, bring the Camo.

Every state has something that makes it special – Kentucky has Appalachian Blue People; a city built in a meteor crater (Middlesboro); the oldest 9-hole golf course in the US (1889); Bluegrass Brewing Company in Louisville (pronounced LOU-uh-vull); beautiful Cumberland falls (the Niagara of the South); the largest cave system in the US, Mammoth Cave; rock climbing at Red River Gorge in Daniel Boone National Park; 400 Mile Yard Sale; Lexington's "Thriller Parade" honors Michael Jackson with thousands of zombies; and of course the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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