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At RentKentuckyCabins.com you connect and book instantly with Kentucky vacation rental owners or local property managers. Avoid those middleman booking websites and you’ll avoid paying extra traveler fees for the same Kentucky cabin rental. You always get the guaranteed lowest rental rate and best local advice.

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Watch our selection of Kentucky cabin rentals grow every month. Comparing popular Kentucky vacation rentals is easy and fun. But don’t overlook the other 1,264 towns in Kentucky; some of the best "Cabin Time" memories for couples, groups of friends, and family reunions are found off-the-beaten-path. July through October are popular months to rent cabins in Kentucky (that's your hint to inquire in advance), but don’t let the cooler months keep you inside. Most of the Kentucky cabin rentals listed are renter-ready year round.

Sorry, no hotels or condo apartments here. Our perfectly normal obsession with connecting you to vacation rental owners and local property managers has resulted in the Internet’s fastest-growing selection of cabins, cottages, lodges and homes in 7 states.

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