New to Kentucky, but not new to connecting renters with vacation rental owners or local property managers. We've been doing that since 2009!


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We are proud to bring you a growing selection of irresistible vacation cabins, cottages, lodges, and homes in Kentucky. We are new to Kentucky, but not new to the vacation rental business. We've been helping vacationers connect with owners and managers since 2009! We’ve made it FUN AND EASY for you to find a vacation experience that meets your needs in 12 states and counting.

At you always connect and book DIRECTLY with Kentucky vacation rental owners or local property managers. Avoid third-party booking websites and you’ll avoid paying traveler fees. That's right, those middleman booking sites charge you just to use their websites. You'll save up to 30% by booking direct. Besides, Kentucky cabin owners and local managers are your best tour guides, not booking website call centers.

  • We provide lots of up-to-date information about each rental
  • New vacation rentals are being added every month
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  • Our "Narrow Your Search" tool will help you find a small group of rentals that meet your unique needs
  • YOU BOOK DIRECT AND SAVE. just launched in August 2019. While we are growing our selection, please visit the early adopters who've already listed!

Message to Kentucky vacation rental owners
WANT MORE AREA VACATIONERS TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR PROPERTY? WE'RE ALL ABOUT DELIVERING MORE EXPOSURE, LEADS AND DIRECT BOOKINGS -- FOR A REFRESHINGLY LOW ANNUAL FEE. works just like our 6 other state-specific websites. Our regional websites target regional keywords like: Wisconsin cabins; Tennessee cabins; Michigan vacation rentals; Minnesota cabin rentals – you get the idea. Over 85% of our site visits are from organic search! OVER 100,000,000 TRAVELERS USE OUR SERVICE EVERY YEAR to find cabins, cottages, lodges and homes. Don't miss out on this growing traffic.

  • Do you have more than 1 rental? Every rental unit can have its own details page.
  • We initially set up your listing(s) for no additional charge!
  • Property listing(s) are managed by you via your own, easy to use Property Dashboard. Change descriptions, rates, upload unlimited pictures, promote your social sites, etc -- you are in 100% control.
  • Ask any member in any state about our unbeatable customer service.
  • Professional marketing services - joint advertising opportunities.
  • Monthly e-newsletter.
  • Renter inquiries go directly to you and include names, emails, phone numbers, and more.
  • Annual analytic reports showing number of listing visits, and number of visits to your property website.
  • We are passionate about promoting Kentucky vacation rentals. This passion stems from the founder (Joe Mogensen) who grew up at his family-owned cabin resort in northern Wisconsin.

Property listings automatically "shuffle" with every visit or page refresh. Your listing is never stuck at the bottom of search results, and you are not asked to pay more to appear at the top.

We understand the role your unique vacation rentals play in creating vacation memories. Our mission is to make vacationers aware of "Book Direct" savings so they can affordably enjoy the vacation experience that is only found in KY cabins, cottages, lodges and homes.

Meet Joe Mogensen, Founder of

From One Cabin to a Nationwide Phenomenon: The Success Story of

Joe Mogensen, a passionate entrepreneur, is the visionary founder behind the remarkable success story of What began as a humble venture with just one cabin listing on has rapidly transformed into a thriving business that now boasts a network of 12 regional websites, collectively featuring nearly 2,000 vacation rentals across the United States.

The Genesis of

The story of is a testament to Joe's determination and love for the great outdoors. As an avid nature enthusiast, Joe recognized the growing demand for unique, comfortable, and memorable vacation rentals, especially cabins nestled in the heart of America's most picturesque landscapes. Armed with a vision to connect travelers with these hidden gems, Joe launched, initially focused on showcasing cabin rentals in the beautiful state of Wisconsin.

Expanding Horizons, One Region at a Time

With a solid foundation in place, Joe's business acumen and dedication led to the creation of a multi-regional network. Each of the 12 regional websites, expertly curated by Joe and his team, offers a comprehensive directory of vacation rentals in various states, making it easier for travelers to find their dream getaway.

A Trusted Resource for Vacation Seekers is more than just a collection of websites; it's a trusted resource for vacation seekers, helping them discover the perfect lodging in their desired locations. What sets apart is a unique differentiator: guests can book directly with owners or local managers, effectively bypassing the costly fees associated with platforms like VRBO, Airbnb, and This commitment to cost savings is a game-changer for travelers, making their dream getaways even more affordable and accessible.

Building a Community of Cabin Lovers

Beyond offering a vast selection of vacation rentals, Joe's dedication to fostering a community of cabin lovers is evident in the content, tips, and resources provided on The platform not only connects travelers with their ideal vacation spots but also shares valuable insights and inspiration for a fulfilling outdoor experience.

A Growing Legacy

As continues to expand and evolve, it stands as a testament to Joe Mogensen's entrepreneurial spirit, love for nature, and commitment to providing travelers with unforgettable escapes. With each passing year, the business has grown, bringing joy to countless families, friends, and adventurers in search of a unique vacation experience.

The Future of

The journey is far from over, and is poised for even greater growth and success under Joe Mogensen's dedicated leadership. With a foundation built on passion, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to quality, there's no doubt that the future holds exciting opportunities for and the community of cabin enthusiasts it serves.

Joe Mogensen's is not just a business; it's a gateway to unforgettable adventures, a testament to the beauty of the American landscape, and a celebration of the joy found in the great outdoors. It's a story of growth, passion, and a commitment to making cabin time affordable again.

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